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Say hello to the world's first complex food rating application.

In line with the Health 2020 – National Strategy for Health Protection and Promotion and Disease Prevention, Foodgroot provides complex food rating based on an independet Food Rating Index. A patented collaborative algorithm, containing up to seventy parameters, evaluates food based on its origin, biochemical composition, technology and production, additives, environmental sustainability, food safety, quality certification and users ratings - all translated into a simple-to-understand rating number.


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Food Rating Index

Big Data that are constantly gained from the raw material suppliers, food producers, technologists, retailers, particular institutions, veterinarians, nutrition consultants, physicians, media, consumers, various paid and open food databases and other reliable sources - are the fundamental base for an independent collaborative algorithm indexing all the above parameters. The algorithm is created by an independent expert network and is revided by the scientific expert at a major Czech University. The final rating number is subject to change in accordance to the newest scientific knowledge.

Food Rating Parameters




& Substances


& Technology











Foodgroot evaluates up to 70 parameters containing:

The intention is to provide the most objective and the most independent rating, corresponding to the latest knowledge and trends. Food rating is based on an independent collaborative algorithm prepared for each food sub-category by an independent expert team. Ratings is a simple number from 0 to 100%.

Scores of individual products (rating) decreases or increases in time depending on how adjusting parameters (eg. Due to new scientific study) and increasing information about the origin and production of food (eg. New information about how the chemical treatment of grass as fodder for cattle, which it is part of the milk and meat production chain).

Food Rating Categorization

Media Mentions

"Consuming good quality food is absolutely crucial from a medical point of view. Foodgroot stands by the consumers."

- MUDr. Jan Vojáček

Head physician of the Clinic of Functional Medicine

Member of the Foodgroot Advisory Board

I have dedicated my life to the search for the real causes of illness and the suffering of people in the 21st century. I came to surprising conclusions and information. Everything is different than it may seem at first glance. I am not a revolutionary but a man who has a conscience that will not allow him to heal anymore other than according to the principles of functional medicine, healing the causes of the symptoms of diseases. I apply my knowledge of Causes daily in my office and pass on to people who want to listen and who have the courage to take their lives and health back into their hands.

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"Thanks to Foodgroot, everyone gets comprehensive information on food quality."

After graduating from the Medical Faculty of Charles University, he worked for several years as a doctor at the internal department. At his internship in London, he decided to study functional medicine and nutrition. Among other things, he has been studying in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Austria, and Indian Punta.

In his practice he deals with the treatment of chronic, especially civilization diseases, the solution of chronic inflammation in the body as causes of diseases, nutrition, detoxification and regeneration of the organism. His system is based on a combination of holistic, Western medicine, and functional medicine aimed at metabolic treatment and elimination of inflammation, detoxification, nutrition including treatment of intolerance and allergies. he also uses Western techniques in the diagnostics (blood sampling, immunological tests). He lectures on nutrition, detoxification, civilization diseases. He is a guest of radio programs, TV shows. He regularly contributes to magazines like Regeneration, Blesk and other periodicals. He wrote several books about nutrition and inflammation. He has established an international education center ADVANA.

- MUDr. David Frej

Founder of the Center of Functional Medicine

Member of the Foodgroot Advisory Board

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Today we rate the Food in the Czech Republic. Tomorrow we will do it globally.

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