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Category Specifics


According to the law, information provided to consumers must not be misleading, especially as regards the nature of the food, in particular its nature, identity, quantity, composition, properties, durability, country of origin, method of production, etc. and attributing effects or properties not. Furthermore, it must not give information that would give the consumer the impression that the foodstuff in question has specific characteristics, even though in fact all similar foods have the same characteristics. In particular, it explicitly emphasizes the presence or absence of certain ingredients or nutrients. Food information shall not attribute, or refer to, any food to prevent, ameliorate or cure a human disease.

Individual food categories are subject to the correct food labeling developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Ministry of Agriculture, which facilitates orientation in the given category while allowing orientation in the quality differences between individual products within the given category. Certifications are also taken into account.

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